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Why did Pathways Through Dementia sign up to Furlonteer?

Sara Wilcox
Sara Wilcox - CEO Pathways Through Dementia

1. Please could you introduce yourself to us and how you came to hear about Furlonteer?

I heard about Furlonteer on the radio (radio 4)

2. Could you tell us a little more about your charity?

Our charity helps people navigate financial and legal issues which arise on their dementia journey. We help callers achieve an outcome that is in the best interests of themselves or someone they are caring for who has dementia, using the laws/rules/regulations which are relevant to the decisions they are making.

3. Which role/s were you able to find support with, through Furlonteer and how has this helped you?

We have had help developing information sheets on topics such as Deprivation of Assets, and dementia and employment law. We also have a social media expert who has greatly assisted us in engaging with social media, for example setting up an Instagram account for the charity.

4. Is there anything you’d say to others considering signing up to Furlonteer for support?

A charity like ours is very small but reaches a large number of people. This means that we cannot achieve all our goals as time and money are a constant barrier to promotion. We cannot afford to buy in the expertise that our involvement with Furlonteering has given us - a social media expert, for example, would be an expense we do not have the budget for. If you give your time to a small charity with big aims you will undoubtedly be highly valued and appreciated for your skills and time.

5. How has working with a Furlonteer helped your charity?

The Furlonteers have been able to give their time to research caselaw and Ombudsman's reports to assist us in developing information sheets which our clients have frequently requested over the years but which we have never had the time to write. We have also learnt more about social media and how we can utilise it further to help more people living with dementia.

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