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Top 5 Easy Social Media Tips

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We’ve had many charities and good causes in the need of social media support from Furlonteers due to the fast digital transition in this crisis. So team Furlonteer have shared a few easy to follow tips to give you a helping hand. There are so many blogs about social media do’s and don'ts so we have kept it simple and even included some handy hashtags.

1. Connect with people and businesses you know will connect with you

If they’re likely to connect, they are likely to engage. Have you started working with new connections - connect with them. Don’t worry we’re not saying open the doors to your personal life and hand over your mobile number, connect via Linkedin, via Twitter, get liking and following from your business Instagram account. We’re currently in a moment of online e-meets so make the most of online connections. Say hello, celebrate those connections publicly on your social media feeds and you’ll start to see an increase of engagement.

2. We'd better accentuate the positive and don’t mess with Mr In-between

Celebrate the positive. When someone mentions the great things you do, feel proud - re-share it. Remember, you don’t always need to wait for someone else to share something. Be clear with your messaging and share the great work you and your charity/good cause are doing. If you’re a charity or collaborating with a charity be sure to use #CharityTuesday it’s a great positive hashtag used every Tuesday across all social platforms.

3. A little thanks goes a long way

Thank brands and people that have helped you in any way. That can even be an internal thank to another member of your team and the great work they are doing. Share thanks on your feed and be sure to tag the people or company you have mentioned. For a bit of regularity every Thursday you can share some thanks and use the hashtag #ThankfulThursday.

4. Don’t underestimate short and sweet messaging

Short. To the point. Can be incredibly impactful. The first ten words you use in a social media post will be the most seen and read, so be concise. Social platforms are conversational so don’t be afraid to abbreviate, words can be contracted without losing the tone of your message. “We’re so excited...” can appear a little more relaxed than “We are so excited...” as the sentence is read one word faster. Contraction is a handy way to be a little more informal and therefore can result in interaction as your tone is more approachable and engaging.

5. Imagine you’re sharing your message to someone who knows nothing about your brand or cause

This can be tricky, but it is important to bring it back to basics and keep your messaging clear. When you know your brand inside out it is easy to lose sight of a consumers perspective. Are you using internal language that needs to be simplified? Close the tab to thesaurus.com and think - “If I wasn’t working for this company would I know what that sentence meant?”. Use language that is familiar to people, and if you are struggling for inspiration take a popular feed you really like. Remember It’s not about replicating, it’s about seeing what is doing well and why it is doing well. What could you improve to make your posts clearer and more likely to be engaged?

One Simple Extra Bonus Tip

Don’t reveal everything in one post. We know - that can be difficult, but hold back. Give your followers a reason to find out more. Give them a clear call to action to subscribe or read the entire blog on your website.

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