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1. Honesty really is the best policy

Know your own limits - your skills, your time and your mental capacity.

Be honest with the Furlonteer team and the charity you are Furlonteering with. If your situation changes it’s okay and likely that will happen, just be sure to communicate it.

2. Communication is key

Furlonteer began on communication (between friends over a Zoom curry night) and that has been the bedrock which has helped it grow so quickly. The Furlonteer HQ have a morning video call to touch base, sharing news and ideas. If you have an update [please share it, if you have a question be sure to ask it and don’t underestimate a video call - a 5 minute call can go a long way.

3. Stick to a healthy routine

Many of our Furlonteers jumped onboard because they missed having a routine and wanted to help charities in need. Be sure to look after yourself with a healthy routine with both body and mind. Set an alarm for the days you’re Fulonteering and keep those healthy habits going, be that daily yoga, a morning run or a trying something new.

4. Don’t dine at your desk

Lunch breaks are important - no matter where you are. Step away from the screen, turn off those Slack notifications and have some time to refresh your brain and give those eyes a screen break. You don’t want soup or salad all over your laptop, after all!

5. Create a dedicated Furlonteer station

No, not your sofa or your bed. If you’ve been furloughed since the start of April like many of us, you’re probably more familiar with your sofa than your desk. So, let’s get ready! A chair and surface are a must – until the weekend when you need to transform your workspace into your home. It’s important to have a work and living space divide.

6. Breath in some fresh air

Do more than open a window – get out in the garden, go out on the balcony, go for a social-distancing walk (where possible). Air quality is clean and green with the lack of pollution so take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air wherever you are in the UK.

7. Deal with distractions

Before you start your day of Furlonteering - deal with your distractions. If that pile of washing up is nagging you or that dirty window “needs” to be dealt with. Deal with it before it distracts you later.

8. Reach out to the Furlonteer team

We’ve got Furlonteers based all over the UK. We are a support network – reach out to us with any questions or news you have.

9. Set realistic and achievable Furlonteer goals

Getting stuck into something new, sharing your skills and supporting a charity that needs help is exciting. Take a deep breath and check your to do list. Be realistic and honest with your goals and time.

10. Parents Furlonteering from home

First of all, for any time and skills you’re sharing as a Furlonteering parent: You are amazing, thank you for any time you can give. On that point, don’t overstretch yourself, be realistic and honest with the amount of time you can and want to share. We’re very used to Furlonteer calls with children joining in and we know it’s a well skilled juggle.

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