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The Little Surprises Company

I am Hannah-Beth, founder of The Little Surprises Company. I started this four years ago and we organise handpicked experiences and deliver them to your loved ones - normally through their letter boxes (but currently through their inboxes) as a surprise! We hope to spread a little bit of joy! Following the announcement of the Lockdown extensions, I decided that I wanted to do something to promote all of the brilliant local lovely businesses that had pivoted to offering fun things to do online. Working part time as a secondary school teacher in an inner London school, I have been incredibly aware of the impact that Lockdown is having on families in our community and so decided to combine the two missions and launch this year’s ‘Super Sunday’ early with all profits being donated to London Food Banks.

I found out about Furlonteer through a good friend and have had a team of Furlonteers helping me to do some of the work behind the scenes of the festival. I have had brilliant help from two volunteers Jenny & Chris who have helped me to get the word out there about the festival.

It has been great for my own learning as they are experts in this field and I certainly am not and so listening to their suggestions and guidance has been priceless. I cannot say thank you enough. If you have capacity to give even just one hour a week of your expertise to a charity, both during lockdown or when we are eventually allowed out, it will make the biggest difference so I would really urge you to do so!

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