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Q&A with I am Arla’s Devika Wood

Please could you introduce yourself to us and how you came to hear about Furlonteer?

I am the co-founder of I am Arla. Laura and I started it recently as survivors of abuse ourselves and after seeing the most harrowing statistics about the rise of domestic abuse cases, 16 deaths at the hands of partners in the first weeks of lockdown, and a 170% increase in calls the women's aid! I am part of an amazing community called Foundrs and it got posted through there - thank god it did- it's incredible what you are doing!

Could you tell us a little more about your charity?

We are on a mission to build a global community of women that have experienced abuse, trauma and discrimination. I am Arla is a platform for these women to connect and learn from other like-minded women, feel safe and tap into resources, tools and people to help you get to where you want to be in life. Let's face it, we could all use a friend in the hardest of times, especially someone who knows exactly what you are going through. We connect our members to like-minded women, give a safe space to share their stories, heal together and tap into a community of resources, support, experts and above all else, friendship. We aim to reduce the barrier to accessing the resources and support needed to nurture these women's mental health and journey to healing.

Which role/s were you able to find support with, through Furlonteer and how has this helped you?

We really needed help with our social media and comms plus our web design. We found two of the most amazing people, Georgia and Kris. Talented and so supportive. Georgia has been working with us for a few weeks now and she's completely turned our insta around plus, despite never meeting her and doing this all remotely- feel like we have known her for years and she's been part of our core team since forever- her talent is incredible as well! She is learning to draw illustrations during her time off and she now does ours for us. can't thank you enough :)

Is there anything you’d say to others considering signing up to Furlonteer for support?

I can't recommend it enough. No words to do it justice! the team behind it are so on top of it all, eager to support and so helpful!

How has working with a Furlonteer helped your charity?

Actually saved us - Laura and I lacked the skills we needed, especially on social media and website design. Georgia takes control, takes initiative and honestly her work is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much!

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