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Why Did Charity Dads United Sign Up To Furlonteer?

The amazing charity Dads Unlimited signed up to Furlonteer in need of support, because sadly in this incredibly difficult time they have experienced an increased need for their services. Nav Mirza is the Chief Executive of Dads Unlimited and he has given us an insight into the great work Dads Unlimited do and why they need Furlonteer at this time.

Please could you introduce yourself to us and how you came to hear about Furlonteer? My name is Nav Mirza, and I am the Chief Executive of a Kent based Charity called Dads Unlimited. We heard about Furlonteer from Stronger Kent Communities (SKC), who we have used to find other volunteers to help our Charity at various times over the past few years; as well as training and fundraising support.

Could you tell us a little more about your charity? Dads Unlimited is a registered Charity set up to support parents who are going through a family breakdown. Our support services aim to develop a foundation for parents to reach out for help and support as a result of family breakdown, to help them reduce conflict with former partners, support their mental and physical health and wellbeing; and to improve their co-parenting relationships to benefit their children. Our mission is to improve lives for the children of separated parents within a healthy and positive co-parenting environment.

Going through family breakdown can be very stressful; and that’s why we provide a subsidised mental health counselling service to our clients, a 1:1 mentoring service and community activities to drive down loneliness and isolation to those who are experiencing what can be described as a life-changing event. There are also many issues which come within the spectrum of family breakdown, like poor mental health, anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation, as well as issues with self-harm / suicidal ideation; and this is why we provide a wrap-around service which takes care of those who seek our support and help.

Which role/s were you able to find support with, through Furlonteer and how has this helped you? We have been delighted to secure some much needed HR support; especially in these challenging times - as we have seen an increase in demand to our services, and therefore, we have needed to ensure we had all the appropriate policies and processes in place which help and support our staff - in order for them to help support our beneficiaries.

Is there anything you’d say to others considering signing up to Furlonteer for support? Without doubt in these difficult times, the demand on the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector is increasing; and therefore so are our needs as well run organisations with missions that are critical to supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. Therefore, with such an abundance of talented people who are now furloughed, it is a great time to make use of these people whose skills (in normal times) would be out of reach. And for those furloughed, it is a great time to make your skills add value to a sector which may, in turn, enhance your skillset and experience when we all return to a much changed employment market. It’s a win / win for all!

How has working with a Furlonteer helped your charity? As mentioned, we have been able to refine, improve and strengthen our HR processes which will benefit our staff; so that they can remain focused on delivering support to those in need. In these uncertain times, the ability to make use of an HR professional to enhance our governance and assurance frameworks in terms of our people was an opportunity not to pass on. In the final analysis, all charities exist off of the backbone of our hard-working volunteers and staff; and we have a responsibility, in fact a duty, to look after them - so that they can look after others.

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