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Furlonteer Q&A with Amy Linsdell

Please could you introduce yourself to us and how you came to hear about Furlonteer?

I'm Amy Linsdell based in Manchester, I've been working in social media and marketing for the past year. After being furloughed back in April, I came about the Furlonteer scheme on BBC Breakfast and felt it a perfect scheme to get involved in.

What made you want to want to sign up as a Furlonteer?

I was keen to volunteer in any way I could amid the pandemic, Furlonteer felt like the most accessible way for me to get involved. Having the option to choose which type of charity was especially reputable, I have dealt with dementia first hand therefore it holds resonance for me.

Could you tell us a little about the charity you’ve been matched with and your role in helping them?

Pathways Through Dementia aims to support people with the legal side of dementia, which can be often overlooked or not spoken about. I have been working with the founder Sara Wilcox to create a social media presence. Thus far, I have created an Instagram and linked it to the charity's Facebook page. Currently, Sara and I are working together to create shareable content including testimonials and infographics.

Which new skills has this experience given you?

Furlonteer has taught me to further understand the cogs that help a charity's success and visibility in the world.

What impact do you feel it’s had on your experience of being Furloughed, and are you likely to continue volunteering after it ends?

I'm sure we can all relate to the feeling of "lack of purpose" during this strange time. Furlonteer has given me the opportunity to offer my skills whilst staying motivated myself. I hope to continue volunteering post-furlough, be it in this scheme or another.

Could you give any advice or tips to other people considering signing up to Furlonteer?

Sign up! There is someone out there who needs your skillset.

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