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MS Therapy Centre NW on rebranding a charity using Furlonteers

Branding is SUPER important for any organisation, but especially for charities. It's your calling card and a way to differentiate yourself from similar services in the third sector.

When focusing on day to day tasks it's easy to put off thinking about a rebrand. Eventually though, you'll want to take a look at your branding, review what it says about your organisation, and potentially refresh your charity branding.

This was the case with Alison Thompson from MS Therapy Centre NW who was introduced to the Furlonteer scheme during lockdown by one of our Furlonteers.

Tell us a little more about your charity?

We are a self-funded therapy centre that supports members with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other neurological conditions.

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How did Furlonteer assist your organisation?

The support has come from one of your Furlonteers who has helped us with rebranding our image and also fundraising activities. Her skills were amazing to add to our team.

The support that we have been given has been second to none and once we discussed key skill areas, we were able to develop a programme of support that has been helping us. Nothing has seemed too much trouble.

How has working with a Furlonteer helped your charity?

The support has helped us to develop a strategy for our new rebranding approach and we have been able to add a new skill set to our team. The work is continuing to grow and ideas as a team have been flowing between us all so that we can look at new ideas and areas for our fundraising development.

It is hard to quantify the support but I can advise that the introduction has helped us with tasks that we would not normally have the resource to complete as we are a small team.

Thousands of talented designers, brand managers and specialists in web and graphic design have signed up to Furlonteer whilst on furlough. Why not see how we can help you?

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