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In Support of Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: May 20, 2020

This week our team at Furlonteer.com are placing a big focus on Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme of kindness.

We’re working both to support the mental health of people on furlough, and placing them with some incredible mental health charities and initiatives. After the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was extended formally to October this week, we’ve seen a huge influx of sign-ups as people look for ways to retain a sense of purpose, routine, gain new skills and give back to the community.

Below are just a few of the partners we’re working with and would like to recognise for the incredible work they do.

  • Mind – working with the key mental health charity Mind on marketing support, in order to reach new people who have never used mental health services before, but need them following the impact of the pandemic. Other roles include virtual fundraising, website design and social media management

  • Early Bird Run – our Furlonteer Lucy has been spending her time on furlough working in a digital development role to help the expansion plans of Early Bird Run, a community-focussed morning running initiative, focussing on exercise as a way of managing depression and anxiety as part of the CALM charity collective. It’s currently based in Harrogate but looking to expand nationally. Lucy’s work is supporting awareness and branding and helping reach new potential runners

  • Mental Health Research UK – The UK’s first charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental health, mental illness, their causes and cures. We are looking for an accounting role for this charity to assist with their end of year accounts and free up their time to continue helping the people who need them most

  • The Jordan Legacy – set up by Steve Phillip following the death of his son Jordan, The Jordan Legacy aims to tackle a number of issues related to improving mental well-being and reducing suicides, including: to improve support structures within organisations and improve staff wellbeing and quality of life; to reduce people feeling socially isolated and create more supportive communities and to help create a kinder and more compassionate society. Furloughed from her job in web design for a travel company, our volunteer Sara Cook is helping Steve on digital and to grow awareness for the cause through social media and branding

  • Virtual Foodbank Fundraiser Festival – the Little Surprises Company is working with Furlonteer on finding volunteers to support with their Super Sunday Festival on 24th May, offering online workshops and panels on topics like breathwork, positive music, the virtual spa, mindful Mandala drawing and more - supporting wellbeing and mental health, with all proceeds of £5 tickets going to London food banks

For our Furlonteers, we’re also offering free mental health coaching in partnership with Champion Health and free life coaching sessions, to support their wellbeing at this time.

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