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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the UK volunteer landscape.

The third sector is expected to have a devastating income drop in a time when they need more help than ever. Analysis from Pro Bono Economics estimates that UK charities will face a £10.1 billion funding gap over the next six months, due to income falling and demand for support rising.

During the crisis many charities and businesses found that they needed to digitise at speed as social distancing meant they could not utilise previous methods of fundraising.

At the same time over 8.7 million employees (as of 31st May 2020) were put on the government furlough scheme and were looking for ways to help their communities. In less than a week 250,000 people signed up as NHS volunteers.

Responding to crisis

Furlonteer was created in response to this changing landscape. In less than 4 weeks 4,000 individuals signed up to Furlonteer and 800+ charities signed up requesting support.

Put simply, Furlonteer is an opportunity for people on furlough to share their time and skills with charities as a volunteer.

In this current climate online donations have become a priority for many charities as well as diversifying their services and support.

Fundraising, digital marketing and social media roles are the top three positions that charities are in urgent need of from Furlonteers. In less than a month over 672 unique roles were requested by charities, from fundraisers to cooks, videographers and solicitors.

Furlonteers jointly bring over 13,146 invaluable skills so it’s no surprise that Furlonteer fulfills every charity role.

With over 100 new sign ups to Furlonteer everyday and over 1000 charities (and growing), it is clear that there is a demand for volunteers in the charity sector and that’s why Furlonteers are here to help throughout and beyond this crisis.

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