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Creating a Positive Impact During the Covid19 Crisis

At Furlonteer, we know that “want to help” feeling and speaking to David from Keep the World Running, it’s clear to see like many others, he had that feeling too. Keep the World Running has been helping people and charities at all angles all over the world. Here’s the great work they’ve been up to and how it all begun in Edinburgh:

“The Keep the World Running project was the brainchild of two friends from Edinburgh who wanted to do something with a positive impact during the Corona crisis. The idea was to provide mental and physical relief to people during a period where they may otherwise be struggling to stay positive and connected to each other. Using a 10-week training plan and individual weekly milestones the project aims to get those involved running 19 miles on the 19th of June as a way of fighting back against COVID-19. Together with the training programme we are also raising money for the global charity, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), to help them continue their great work fighting COVID around the world. The project has grown steadily over the few weeks, something that we have really encouraged. The more people we get involved the more people we get harnessing the mental and physical benefits of regular fitness and if we raise more money along the way for MSF then all the

better. For us if we get just one person running 19 miles on the 19th who otherwise would never have thought they could have done it then that is a complete success – If we get any more than that we’ll be ecstatic.

The project itself has certainly kept us busy whether that’s making content, developing training plans, growing the community or doing the actual running. Both of us can’t commit to the project full time due to work commitments so it has been absolutely phenomenal having the help of Louis and Fiona from Furlonteer. Their interaction has been quite frankly, amazing and is already having a hugely positive impact on the brand and the project itself. We are truly thankful for the help”

- Founder, David Taylor

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