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Creating a charity communication strategy for Manchester Refugee Support Network

Like many charities, Manchester Refugee Support Network had to rethink its charity communication strategy when the UK went into lockdown. Luckily Furlonteer was on hand to support....

How did you hear about Furlonteer?

My name is Heather and I work for Manchester Refugee Support Network (MRSN) as the Resource Development Worker. We were introduced to Furlonteer through a funding organisation, I believe it was Cranfield Trust.

Tell us about Manchester Refugee Support Network?

MRSN is a grassroots charity that supports refugees with leave to remain across the Greater Manchester area. We offer advice and casework in order to support refugees in rebuilding their lives in the UK.

We have been especially busy over lockdown, supporting refugees who are self-isolating, to have access to essentials as well as check up on them daily to ensure they are looking after their health and well being.

Trustees and volunteers winning the Spirit of Manchester Award 2019

What challenges was Furlonteer able to help you with?

I have just moved into the responsibility of developing and managing our marketing and communications and so I wanted more expert support in this.

Furlonteer has been an incredible resource during this time as I was able to find;

- a marketing and communications manager who has been helping me to develop brand guidelines and a communications strategy

- a graphic designer who has been developing infographics for our print and social media.

- a researcher who has been looking into online fundraising options and will begin researching issues that refugees face within the UK, in order to help us to raise awareness

What would you say to other organisations considering signing up to Furlonteer for support?

Furlonteer has provided us with a really unique opportunity to get expert advice and insight without the expense that we couldn’t afford as a charity. It has also been so great to get to network with these individuals and hear how they have been coping during lockdown.

What has Furlonteer meant to your overall communications strategy?

For us, it has meant within three months we have completely been able to reinvent our communications strategy. This is going to be a huge benefit to us in the future as it will help with online fundraising, reach more of our beneficiaries with the support they need and make our information more accessible to all.

It has also upskilled us as a team, which we can then pass on to our volunteers and beneficiaries, in order to invest into them as well.

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