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Charity Spotlight: Pin Your Thanks

This week we're hearing from Nita of Pin Your Thanks, a project that allows people to express their thanks in the form of a beautiful pin badge. She tells us a little more about the charity, and what its been like working with Furlonteer.

A graphic of a purple badge with hands on making a heart shape, on a red colour background, and white text underneath the badge saying "You deserve a medal"
Pin Your Thanks Campaign

Please could you introduce yourself to us?

I’m Nita and I’m the Volunteer Champion with Pin Your Thanks.

Could you tell us a little more about the charity?

Man holding a phone up in Trafalgar Square, with a sculpture behind him of the Pin Your Thanks badge and logo
Trafalgar Square

Pin Your Thanks is a fantastic not for profit organisation, set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow people to give a heartfelt thanks by token of a pin badge, to those who have really helped them out during the crisis.

Badges are designed and endorsed by some great celebrities, national treasures and our kids’ competition winner (whose badge is currently in production). Profits from the sale of pin badges go to two charities - NHS Charities Together and Volunteering Matters.

Which role were you able to find support with through Furlonteer and how has this person helped you?

We have a wonderful Furlonteer, Charlotte, on board with our PR and Comms team - who's been with us over a month now and has really made a difference, jumping in on all things communication and social media! We now have a "go-to volunteer recruiter" in Furlonteer and hope to see a lot more faces come through Furlonteer to team Pin Your Thanks!

Is there anything you’d say to others considering signing up to Furlonteer for support?

Furlonteer have been great, I'd recommend signing up with them to give as much time as you can to help charities while you can. If you have the time, Furlonteer can partner you with all kinds of charity initiatives - including ours!

A woman's face close up, wearing a black and white spotty dress, and the Furlonteer logo in white
Charlotte Constable

And a note from Furlonteer, Charlotte...

"My name is Charlotte Constable, and I'm a press officer. I came across Furlonteer after hearing a mention on a podcast and was matched with Pin Your Thanks.

The role at Pin Your Thanks has kept me busy during furlough, helping to build upon my existing skills and create new industry connections. I'd encourage others to sign up! It's a great way to keep busy during this quiet time, and to expand your CV too."

Have you been inspired to help out? Sign up below and start helping charities make a difference today!

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