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10 Reasons to Become a Furlonteer

With the news of furlough being extended until March 2021 and the winter nights drawing in at a completely unreasonable 4:30pm, those of you on the job retention scheme may be feeling a little disheartened. Never fear, we’re here to give you 10 reasons why becoming a Furlonteer will help you out during furlough (and possibly save your sanity).

A man holding a Furlonteer sign
Ian, Furlonteer Website Manager

1. Fill Up Your Day

Sure, we all love a lie in and a Netflix binge, but after approximately 3 days you might start feeling a bit restless. Furlonteering means you’re able to fill your day up with a mini project that you can take pride in.

2. Hone Your Skills

Volunteering is the perfect way to brush up the skills you already; sharpen up your copywriting, get your marketing head on or delve into data so you’ll be raring to go once you get back to work.

3. Try Something New

As well as perfecting skills you already have, Furlonteering means you can also try out new ones. Always wanted to try your hand at social media? Interested in animations? You have the freedom to pitch your ideas to charities.

4. Get a Routine Back

The first lockdown taught us all how important a routine is (after the first two weeks of rolling out of bed at 11am, of course). Becoming a Furlonteer will encourage you to get into a healthier routine and structure your day around your volunteer work.

5. Makes You Feel Useful

We all know how tough it can feel to be put on furlough. By helping a charity in need you’re not only helping them, but proving to yourself that you are a valuable and skilled resource with a lot to offer.

6. Helping Charities in Need

So far this year we’ve matched over 1,400 Furlonteers with charities, and counting! The scheme allows you to volunteer remotely without leaving your home, and charities have been so grateful for the extra support.

Smiling woman holding a Furlonteer sign
Larissa, Furlonteer PR & Social Specialist

7. Get the Feel-Good Factor

There’s no denying that volunteering will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Knowing you’re helping to make a difference will boost your mood and release stress.

8. Makes You More Employable

If you’re finding yourself in the position of having to look for a new role, the skills you gain being a Furlonteer will only boost your C.V, add to your skills and help you stand out in the hiring space.

9. Expands Your Network

Working with a charity will give you access to a whole new set of connections. You can also join the Furlonteer Linkedin community and meet like-minded people!

10. Get Your Confidence Back

One thing’s for sure, furlough can make you feel nervous, out of practice and unwanted. While we know you shouldn’t feel any of those things, becoming a Furlonteer can really help you to understand how fabulous you are, and know that your skills matter.

Have we convinced you yet? Sign up to Furlonteer and start helping charities right away!

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