About Furlonteer.com

Hamish and Rosie Shephard, along with Sam Tasker-Grindley, came up with the concept of Furlonteer.com over a virtual curry on Sunday 19th April. Hamish is the co-founder of Hello Fresh and founder of BrideBook; Rosie is the founder of The Luxury Communications Council (LCC); Sam had been furloughed.

This is a completely non-profit project to connect charities and good causes with skilled and willing people during this awful crisis.


On Tuesday 21st April at lunchtime a group of passionate Furlonteers got on a zoom call and came up with a plan to get this amazing concept up and running and to scale through marketing, social and digital. By Friday afternoon they had a brand, website, marketing and digital campaign and had already matched charities with Furlonteers.

The Team

Sam Tasker-Grindley – Co-founder

Victoria Ward - CEO

Nancy Duncan – Co-founder and Marketing Director
Stella Norris – Head of Digital
Adam Thurland – Head of Branding

Lucy Rickett – Charity Manager

Joel Davidge - Content and Community Manager

Rachael George - Creative Content Producer

Ian Holden – Website Manager

Alison Pemberton – Furlonteer Outreach

Neil Shaw - Furlonteer Matches 

And a massive thank you to all previous contributors.